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A companion to biological anthropology / edited by Clark Spencer Larsen. - Chichester, U.K. ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

xxiv, 572 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.

Blackwell companions to anthropology 7 1555-8835 ; .

Larsen, Clark Spencer. : ..

Blackwell companions to anthropology ; 7. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

History of biological anthropology / Michael A. Little and Robert W. Sussman -- Evolution: what it means and how we know / Kenneth M. Weiss and Anne V. Buchanan -- Systematics, taxonomy, and phylogenetics: ordering life, past and present / Bernard A. Wood -- The study of human population genetics / John H. Relethford -- Human molecular genetics: the DNA revolution and variation / Dennis H. O'Rourke -- Deconstructing race: racial thinking, geographic variation, and implications for biological anthropology / Rachel Caspari -- Growth, development, senescence, and aging: a life history perspective / Douglas E. Crews and Barry Bogin -- Climate-related morphological variation and physiological adaptations in Homo sapiens / Gary D. James -- Emerging themes in anthropology and epidemiology: geographic spread, evolving pathogens, and syndemics / Lisa Sattenspiel and D. Ann Herring -- Demographic estimation: indirect techniques for anthropological populations / Timothy B. Gage -- Nutrition, health, and function / Darna L. Dufour -- Ongoing evolution in humans / Lorena Madrigal and Jessica Willoughby -- Primates defined / W. Scott McGraw -- Primate behavior and sociality / Karen B. Strier -- Evolution of the brain, cognition, and speech / Dean Falk -- Primate origins: the early Cenozoic fossil record / Gregg F. Gunnell and Mary T. Silcox -- Catarrhine cousins: the origin and evolution of monkeys and apes of the old world / David R. Begun -- The earliest hominins / Scott W. Simpson -- Origins, evolution, and dispersal of early members of the genus Homo / G. Philip Rightmire -- Species, populations, and assimilation in later human evolution / Fred R. Smith -- Bioarchaeology: health, lifestyle, and society in recent human evolution / Clark Spencer Larsen and Philip L. Walker -- Paleopathology: a contemporary perspective / Jane E. Buikstra -- Issues in forensic anthropology / Douglas H. Ubelaker -- Paleogenetics: ancient DNA in anthropology / Frederika A. Kaestle -- Diet reconstruction and ecology using stable isotope ratios / Margaret J. Schoeninger -- Current concepts in bone biology / James H. Gosman and Samuel D. Stout -- 'Growing planes': incremental growth layers in the dental enamel of human ancestors / Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg -- Understanding skull function from a mechanobiological perspective / David J. Daegling -- Tooth form and function in biological anthropology / Peter S. Ungar and Peter W. Lucas -- Locomotor function across primates (including humans) / Daniel L. Gebo -- Science education and physical anthropology / Martin K. Nickels.

An extensive overview of the rapidly growing field of biological anthropology; chapters are written by leading scholars who have themselves played a major role in shaping the direction and scope of the discipline.

Physical anthropology.
Anthropology, Physical.

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