Staley Prize - Best in Anthropology RSS feed for public list Staley Prize - Best in Anthropology Wisdom sits in places : by Basso, Keith H., Vita : by Biehl, João Guilherme. Culture and the evolutionary process / by Boyd, Robert, Stories in the time of cholera : by Briggs, Charles L., No aging in India : by Cohen, Lawrence, The land of open graves : by De León, Jason, The symbolic species : by Deacon, Terrence William. Pathologies of power : by Farmer, Paul, Sound and sentiment : by Feld, Steven. Converting words : by Hanks, William F. Alien ocean : by Helmreich, Stefan, Anthropology through the looking-glass : by Herzfeld, Michael, Mothers and others : by Hrdy, Sarah Blaffer, Government of paper : by Hull, Matthew S. Karl Marx collective : by Humphrey, Caroline. Malignant : by Jain, Sarah S. Lochlann, Anahulu : by Kirch, Patrick Vinton. Crafting selves. by Kondo, Dorinne K. Priests and programmers : by Lansing, John Stephen. Encounters with aging : by Lock, Margaret M. What it means to be 98% chimpanzee : by Marks, Jonathan The nuclear borderlands : by Masco, Joseph, Human rights and gender violence : by Merry, Sally Engle, Painting culture : by Myers, Fred R., Life and death on Mt. Everest. by Ortner, Sherry B., 1941- Alabi's world / by Price, Richard, Testing women, testing the fetus : by Reiter, Rayna R. Becoming sinners : by Robbins, Joel, The future of us all : by Sanjek, Roger, Death without weeping : by Scheper-Hughes, Nancy. Life beside itself : by Stevenson, Lisa. The vanishing hectare : by Verdery, Katherine. Europe and the people without history / by Wolf, Eric R.,