New Arrivals - 2019 November RSS feed for public list New Arrivals - 2019 November Archaeology of the land of the Bible. by Stern, Ephraim, A possible anthropology : by Pandian, Anand, Gods of the upper air : by King, Charles, Life by algorithms : Postmetropolis : by Soja, Edward W. Dispossessed : by Stout, Noelle M., Threshold : by Jusionyte, Ieva, The violence of care : by Mulla, Sameena. Decolonizing ethnography : by Alonso Bejarano, Carolina, Self-devouring growth : by Livingston, Julie, When stars came down to earth : by Chamberlain, Von Del. Down and out in the new economy : by Gershon, Ilana, English heart, Hindi heartland : by Sadana, Rashmi, Before the muses : by Foster, Benjamin R. Spirit mountain : Frauds, myths, and mysteries : by Feder, Kenneth L. The pursuit of ruins : by Bueno, Christina, The Savannah River chiefdoms : by Anderson, David G., Eating the landscape : by Salmón, Enrique, Lahav I : by Dessel, J. P. The house at Otowi Bridge; by Church, Peggy Pond,